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Truly Simple Jewellery

Truly Simple Jewellery

Truly Simple Jewellery

Author – Maris Herr

CD ROM - 64pp Full colour

ISBN: 978-0-646-56388-6

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Truly Simple Jewellery
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Using the Truly Simple step-by-step approach, author Maris Herr brings the opportunity to create you own unique jewellery within reach of us all.

The instructions cover many techniques that are suitable for beginners or the more experienced. You will be able to make earrings, brooches, necklaces and more in no time. Use the techniques as a starting point then build on them with your own imagination and inspiration.

All the pieces set out in the book are easily achievable with a minimum of space or equipment.

Ultimately, Truly Simple Jewellery will show you how to bring it all together, into a piece that will express your personal style.

Review by Vicky Mason

Right from the outset of opening this colourful CD ROM and immersing myself in it I began laughing. Herr has the capacity to make light of what needs to be taken seriously (in this instance, safety) in this fun, personably written informative book. This text is the distillation of years working as a teacher and maker at the DIY and working it out along the way end of the jewellery spectrum and so it works across many levels.

It is an engaging and accessible read. Clear photographs and text help break down the broad territory it covers, rendering this book suitable for beginners to the field who might want to try using some of the simple but effective techniques on offer. The book covers key areas such as safety, tools and findings and then goes on to flesh out the various processes and techniques as well as materials that have captured this enthusiastic maker’s interest. A focus on metal and fibre based materials may make this book of interest to those with a penchant or interest in melding these two mediums.

As a maker working in the jewellery field this book offers up techniques I had not been exposed to (I’m keen to have a go at a Button Knot) so for those out there with jewellery experience this book may prove useful - learning, as Herr so rightly states, is a journey and there is so much to know! There are many thoughtful inclusions that help make sense of the world of jewellery making that is being entered into here - for example the torn note pad ‘Hint’ sections are useful clarifying additions gleaned from the authors own experience.

Right from the start the author qualifies that this is her experience of making, this is good honest stuff and this book serves as a solid base that can be built on depending on levels of interest and the desire to pursue an interest in the field. It’s a text that would suit those who want and entry point into the world of jewellery and who have limited space and gear but are keen to get started, this is ‘Truly Simple Jewellery’ - but jewellery that offers up some fun and funky results. Vicki Mason January 2012