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Tales of Daring Do

Tales of Daring Do

Author – Elizabeth Powell
Published by Textiles Anyone – November 2010
CD_ROM  - 42pp
Full Colour
ISBN: 978-0-646-54849-4

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Tales of Daring Do
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Join Alan ‘Jungle’ Stanhope and friends on a rollicking adventure to find the fantastic gem, ‘eyamantaka’. Legend has it that this treasure is to be found in the eye of an ancient god, housed in the inner sanctum of the lost temple, within the lost city. Hidden by dense jungle, Alan and friends battle their way toward the temple only to find it fiercely guarded by a legendry tribe led by their jungle queen.

Will they succeed? Will they escape with their treasure and their lives? Will they manage to hold onto their pith helmets?

Tales of Daring Do is a digital representation of an altered book by Elizabeth Powell. Elizabeth takes a book, hiding, removing or utilising parts of the existing text to narrate the story. Each page is altered further with the addition of images, collaged from her stock of Victorian etchings or her own drawings or handmade papers. In her own somewhat quirky style Elisabeth brings a whole new life to an old book.