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Pots & Pods for Feltmakers

Pots & Pods for Feltmakers

Author – Liz Evans

Published by Textiles Anyone – 2014

CD_ROM - 141pp

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Pots & Pods for Feltmakers
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One of the many magical qualities of felt is that it can be moulded into seamless, three dimensional, hollow forms.

Come on a new felting adventure with Liz. Learn how to cut a pattern, shape, sculpt, coil, weave, stitch, add pockets, flaps windows and much more that will enable you to create a range of pots and pods that are both useful and decorative.

Once you have worked through these fabulous pots and pods you will have all the skills and confidence needed to tackle any three dimensional felt making project.

Book Review

The author of this CD Book, Liz Evans, has been amazingly generous in expressing her obvious wide-ranging knowledge and artistry in this publication. If this CD could be summed up in a word, it would be “clear”, as the skills and ideas she has shared, are written about and illustrated with a clarity which allows for no uncertainty in the felter who would follow these instructions.

There are many innovative variations shown on the theme of the hollow form, which would help the wise felter who would take advantage of this ‘book’, to express themselves in any way they would choose. At the end of the publication is a useful reading list, followed by various links which would be of interest to the felter.

This CD book is a valuable addition to library of any felter who wants solid instruction in the making of the hollow form.

Phillipa Rooke