Textiles Anyone?

Maris Herr


I have lived and worked in Wagga Wagga in regional Australia for the majority of my life. I have tried to live in various cities, but I just don't like them. It is the same with textiles; I have tried to work in other media, however I always come back to fibre.

Jewellery making for me started as an exercise in discipline, I had always found it difficult to work on a small scale. Creating small wearable pieces has forced me to look at and value every detail in the work. The one thing I wasn’t expecting was the enjoyment that making these pieces gives me. Due to a lack of resources in my local area I started to experiment with making my own beads, using silk and wool and they have become a major part of the design process for me.


Scarf 1
$ 48.00 inc GST
Scarf 10
$ 45.00 inc GST
Scarf 11
$ 45.00 inc GST
Scarf 12
$ 48.00 inc GST
Scarf 2
$ 50.00 inc GST
Scarf 3
$ 48.00 inc GST
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