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eBook Publishing
I'm writing a book. I've got the page numbers done. -Steven Wright

Don’t let your great idea get stuck here.

Starting with your idea and finishing with a book in your hand we offer a full book design service. eBooks are defined as an electronic version of a printed book however; with the cost of printing continually rising and today’s easy access to computers and book readers, eBooks often exist in their own right without a printed version. The cost of producing a printed, full colour book is for most self-publishers out of reach. With this in mind, Textiles Anyone specialises in eBook format. Some of the advantages of this format are the obvious savings in the initial printing cost, storage, you won’t need to reserve a whole room in your house to store your book and the benefit of being able to offer your readers full colour pages. eBooks can also offer the reader live links to external websites and information, direct from the page, and instructional video can be positioned in the book, giving readers yet more visual information. This all adds up to make eBooks the perfect format for you to share your craft.

Our Book Services include:

Cover design

First impressions count and the cover is the first most people will see of your book so, it needs to stand out. Our covers are individually designed to your needs, giving your book a look and feel that will be unique and in line with your ideas.

Page layout

A page layout that is easily read and stylish will make the reader’s experience much more pleasurable. From choice of font to photo placement, each element on the page should just work. We will design the layout for your book from scratch, no templates, so you don’t have to fit your ideas into an existing mould.

Proofreading and editing

Nothing will put a reader off quicker than a manuscript that is full of spelling and grammatical mistakes, and no matter how careful you are you will never pick up the all the problems with your own writing. Your document can be checked over and problems fixed. For more about proofreading and copyediting check out our dedicated service.

ISBN applications

We will take care of registering your book for an ISBN and bar code; we will also take care of the Legal Deposit of your book to the required libraries. This is a legal requirement in Australia. It is important to point out that you will retain the copyright for your work.

Finished package

Once you have a cover design and layout that you are happy with, we will see you through to a finished product. We can take care of the printing of covers and CDs, a media pack and distribution by post.

As published writers ourselves we thoroughly understand the whole process of writing a book. We understand just how precious your work is to you, so we will work with you, presenting you the options available and letting you choose. After all, the major creative input for the final look of your work should come from you.