Textiles Anyone?

Anne van der Kley

Anne’s creative journey has seen her push many boundaries, developing her skills as she explores her work and artistic practice at the same time. She is a pioneer in contemporary textile techniques in the 21st century—her primary tools involve many things with needles.

The humble overlocker is her mainstay, followed closely by her sewing machine…or vice versa depending upon specific needs for each piece of her art. Add in some needles for knitting, a few hooks to add some crochet and the judicious use of an embellisher and you begin to see why she loves this particular way of working. Selecting, experimenting with and using a variety of materials has led Anne to develop a style that she can truly call her own.

Anne’s relaxed, fun and informative teaching style combined with her sewing innovation, has seen her become a sought after freelance consultant and tutor as well as author of innovative overlocker books. From basic to seemingly complex, her philosophy is that while her work may look challenging, the technique has to be simple enough to be readily learnt by her students.

She is working on what she terms "combined therapy", integrating resources in both functional and contemporary ways her books and classes. So if you have a sense of fun and adventure (and just want to play with lots of the stuff in your stash) you could well end up with a new work of "needle" art. And you’re sure to come away with a smile on your face in the process.

Books due for release early in 2012:

The Beginner’s Book

I have written three books for overlocker (or sergers, as they are also known), but this is the one I know is still needed. If I could repeat my life as an author with my current knowledge and experiences, this is where I would begin.
I am proud of my current books and there are other terrific books out there. But I don’t feel that any of them pull all the beginning information together in a simple and practical way that is easy for the beginner, or even the more experienced student,  to launch themselves into life with their overlocker in a systematic and progressive manner.  That’s what this book aims to do.

My most important class with students is always the Beginner’s class: it is an opportunity to establish good practices and allow everyone to embark on a love affair with their machine.
Work through The Beginner’s Book with me as I bring this class into the most comfortable place for learning - your home.

Off and Racing...at your Overlocker

After completing The Beginner’s Book and introducing yourself to the important practices and principles of working with your overlocker, Off and Racing takes you for a bit of a technical run and stretch, where you gather more confidence, speed and thirst for the What, Where, Why, When and How of improving your experience of the overlocker.
We look at stitches, threads, fabrics and both conventional and innovative techniques, again working in a systematic and progressive manner.
Off and Racing offers a practical extension of your previous knowledge, best worked in concert with the Beginner’s Book so that you can develop your skills and knowledge, working at your own pace and in the most comfortable place your home.