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Adventures of the Not So Famous Four

Adventures of the Not So Famous Four

Author – Elizabeth Powell
Published by Textiles Anyone – March 2011
CD_ROM  - 41pp
Full Colour
ISBN: 978-0-646-55356-6

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Adventures of the Not So Famous Four
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“The Adventures of the Not So famous Four” follows the holiday happenings of a group of children, some of whom, as is the way with these things, are related. The family also comprises of a zany aunt (who may be morally questionable), a mother making ends meet by knitting obscure novelty items, and a mysteriously absent father. During their holiday by the sea-side the children are intrigued by stories of local smuggler’s gold. They set out to find it and make the family fortune.

Join John, Michael, David and whoever else turns up, as they encounter danger and peril! Not to mention ginger beer and Aunt Joan! Will the boys discover the smuggler’s secret? Will John’s father ever come out of the attic? Will everyone be arrested?

Find out in this exciting nostalgic tale of summer adventure and aberrant behaviour.